Transforming Food Waste into Food Opportunity

Food Waste; an Opportunity for Better

A project to realise resource opportunities from one of our biggest forms of waste.

From food waste we can create… compost. Really? Is that the best we can do? The same species that created electricity by burning liquid dinosaurs is calling it a day at compost? By no means are we criticising compost, it is a great start and we wholeheartedly support those in the Compost and Food Digester Industries but it is just one possible path, there are so many other pathways that evolution has afforded us. We can do better, we MUST do better.

Just a taste of what could be made possible through this project, from food waste we could:

  • Sustainable construction and packaging materials
  • Feed soil, feed families, feed livestock
  • Produce cosmetic and medical materials
  • Create resources to support reforestation programs
  • And so much more…
  • Reduce Environmental Strain

    Convert waste into sustainable products/materials as well as resources to support reforestation programs.

  • A Viable Solution

    Economic viability has always been the thorn in the environmentalists side, with so many potential products we think we’ve got viability covered.

  • Collaborative Research 

    A multifunction facility built through collaboration presents a unique opportunity for joint experiments, sharing knowledge and discovering new possibilities.

Food waste is a great illustration of the way of thinking that Ecogreen is trying to push towards, we need to be looking deeper but also widerThis project will not be without its challenges, but since when is that an excuse for doing nothing? Adversity is the catalyst for innovation, besides we think there a few people out there who will have our back.

Waste conversion has many different stages, processes and outcomes many of which require different organisms to facilitate. We will need to borrow knowledge and research from a diverse range of scientific focus bridged by some out of the box thinking (our specialty). None of this is theory, all of it is possible but it is impossible for us to do it alone. We already have several of the key industry partners required to get things started. As we progress we will reach out to others to fill in the gaps. 

An idea as creative as it is innovative, a mixture of macro and micro systems strung together through a migraine inducing amount of science, engineering and technology. This ambitious project embodies the core beliefs at the heart of Ecogreen:

  • Cooperating with existing industry to adapt vehicles & infrastructure
  • Integrating research from a growing list of scientists and scientific businesses
  • Converting waste into as many materials as possible
  • Accelerating change, packaging up the design to share it with the world

That’s a lot of talk, so where’s the action?

At this point we have a few bridges to cross to say the least, making connections, gathering resources, etc. Currently our focus is on turning a key piece of research into a self sufficient, research ready commercial entity through our Green Economy Project. After which our two businesses will engage in a joint venture and with the support of a certain engineering firm and a leading bacterial bioscience group we will develop a prototype system combining our technologies. Oh, and we will also be reaching out to some material scientists for some help with a gas exchange membranes at some point.

In the meantime your support makes all the difference, so if you care: share, promote, stock, contact, etc


Using All That We Have To Make The Most of What We Have.

About Our Projects

Ecogreen projects are designed to be adapted and applied to other countries or cities; successful projects are not just demonstrations, they are complete packaged solutions. Solutions that we hope to entrust to others so we can focus on the next one.

Our Projects are templated on our values in our Philosophy of Better, structured around our Eco-Concepts and developed collaboratively as Eco-operative Systems.

Due to the early stage nature of some projects and with respect to confidentiality we are limited in what information we can provide until the project progresses. With such ambitious & large scale projects, progress takes time- we thank you for your patience & support in whatever form you can offer it.


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Be Part of the Solution

Whether you’re an investor, scientist, business, community, content creator, or an individual we are always looking for a helping hand.

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