River Regeneration meets Industry Generation

River Pollution Conversion Opportunity

A Project to Create Green Industries From Polluted Waterways

To whittle this complex problem down to layman’s terms, here is in essence of the problem we were faced with: River toxic; too many cows, not enough water, cow pee to water ratio bad, viable solution hard, deleting cows…economically crippling & humanely a questionable move. Que new project.

  • Changing the Social Climate

    Cooperation cannot exist when individuals & groups are splintered by separate pressures. After all it is difficult to think of others when your own house is on fire. Unity precedes cooperation, step 1 is fire control.

  • A Cooperative Solution

    A massive undertaking involving a myriad of government, industry, scientific enterprise and community groups all contributing towards the development of this multilayered mutually beneficial solution. Whilst our roadmap for each group differs, the destination they share is the same.


  • Building a Future Industry

    We designed this solution starting at the end and working backwards; kind of like reverse engineering the future. Each step contributes to the solution; culminating in the creation of an environmentally compatible future industry and an example from which world can follow.

Seeking Pioneers

What if this problem isn’t actually a problem but an opportunity, a chance to do something bold, to turn theory into reality and bring a future industry into the present. We believe this is a unique opportunity, one that can become the turning point for transitioning to a truly green economy, the first step towards what you could call “Eco-Industrial Integration.” We know not everyone will be on board but if there are enough brave pioneers out there who like us, are prepared to try something different then we just might have a chance.

Unfortunately, for timing and confidentiality reasons we have to be a little vague, at least for now. We have a long list of key groups that we need to contact to get on board. As this progresses we will be able to share more detail.

That being said no one likes a tease so we will say this much. We believe there is a solution, one that unites all parties under a common goal whilst protecting their respective interests & futures. This ambitious project intends to: 

  • Restore – Improve river water quality; assisting recovery programs
  • Products from pollution – Produce biological based resources for the existing agricultural sector in the form of viable, environmentally compatible substitutes for current feed and inputs.
  • Creation of a new industry An environmentally compatible alternative industry to agriculture, reducing dependency on livestock industries and pressure on the environment without the economic hit. A long term solution and a template for future industries to follow.
  • True Circular Economy – A downstream solution from upstream pollution that reduces the pollution upstream by using products produced downstream… you may need to read that more than once to wrap your head around it.

In addition to the above the process should offer these environmental benefits.

Pollution – River Restoration

  • Manage nitrogen [River Health]
  • Captures & Cycles Carbon [It’s not going to replace the amazon but it’s something]
  • Reduces shipping [Carbon emissions]
  • Reduces methane [Cow emissions]
  • Reduce reliance on palm kernel imports [Replaces some of the 2,000,000t palm kernel imported]
  • Almost zero negative outputs (Secondary process – promise it’s not Carbon Capture Technology)
  • Reduce damage to coral reefs – as our biggest carbon sink, our fragile oceans are vital to climate mitigation efforts
  • Substituting Alternative source of biomass for production of chemicals
  • Converting waste into bio-available materials to be feed forest & ocean recovery programs

To protect the interests of scientists and businesses who are supporting us we can only release so much information at this stage. In the meantime we ask for your patience & support, also if we happen to give you a call please at least hear us out. We have dropped enough hints in here, we have no doubt that there are many marine & terrestrial based scientists who have a pretty good idea about what we have in mind (or at least some parts of it). If you think you can help please do not hesitate to contact us.

Read more about this article here.

Our solution to polluted water ways is bold but our belief in a better future drives us to set targets in our key domains.

This is a little awkward…

This is a bit of a chicken before the egg situation (or is it egg before the chicken) either way eggs and chickens are limiting what we can say about this project. You see, we needed to get our website online before we could begin contacting key figures at the proposed site. To get this project on the website we needed to have made some progress on it. Continuing with the egg analogy, we put all our eggs in one basket and just went ahead and started building the project on the assumption that our future friends in New Zealand would be cool with it (surprise…?)

About Our Projects

Ecogreen projects are designed to be adapted and applied to other countries or cities; successful projects are not just demonstrations, they are complete packaged solutions. Solutions that we hope to entrust to others so we can focus on the next one.

Our Projects are templated on our values in our Philosophy of Better, structured around our Eco-Concepts and developed collaboratively as Eco-operative Systems.

Due to the early stage nature of some projects and with respect to confidentiality we are limited in what information we can provide until the project progresses. With such ambitious & large scale projects, progress takes time- we thank you for your patience & support in whatever form you can offer it.

Be Part of the Solution

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