Green Economy: Activating Technology for the Greener Good

Green Economy: Activating Technology for the Greener Good

Increasing the Availability of Eco-Compatible Technology

We can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome, that’s just madness. We need to change our materials and products to more sustainable alternatives as they become available, swapping ‘the bad‘ for the ‘less bad‘ and the ‘less bad‘ for the ‘good‘. The key phrase being “as they become available” which is what this project is really all about; improving the availability of environmentally compatible technology to other businesses thereby accelerating the transition towards more sustainable practices, materials and a greener economy. Just to clear something up, in terms of access we mean technology that is either not accessible enough to businesses to be adopted on a high enough level to make an impact or exists only in a lab.



  • Creating Commercially Opportunities From Research

    Working with scientists to understand their research, its potential and creatively adapting it into a commercially viable solution either as a standalone business or a component in one of our projects.


  • Expanding Access of Existing Technology

    Frustratingly we often find a product or technology that will reduce our impact but isn’t accessible to us. In which case its time to roll up our sleeves, reach out to our network and see what we can do to bring the technology online.

  • Quickstart a Kickstart

    A growing network of businesses ranging from: financial analysts, ethical investment groups, manufacturing, engineering & scientific enterprise. An ecosystem of businesses designed to fast track the time required to bring new technology and lower impact alternatives online.

You may have already noticed a few mechanisms in our website designed to support and promote existing E-Co Tech businesses such as ‘Crowdsourced Supply Solutions’ and the ‘Guide for Better’ conversely Green Economy is more about switching on commercial supply of new technology. Unlike our other projects where we might toot our own horn a little (what? we’re only human) this project is not about Ecogreen or our goals, we’re not the only people out there trying to make a difference and so this about them.


  • Attract environmentally compatible research and concepts
  • Provide the tools and connections to develop these ideas into commercial solutions
  • Generate interest from ethical investment groups
  • Create a following to support and a network to facilitate the technology
  • Resulting in greater access to environmentally responsible alternative materials & technology



"ETG has been a constructive and motivating influence for our start-up. The pioneering ideas Michael and the team come up with are providing us with such interesting & innovative perspectives for our research offering amazing opportunities for our business. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with ETG and are very excited to see where the future takes us."

Realising Research

We also believe that science should belong to the scientists behind it. So when we need access to environmentally compatible technology that exists only in a lab we work with those scientists to make it a reality. We have a somewhat unique take on how we do this:

  • Assist with developing their research into products and applications
  • Connect to relevant groups and businesses within our network
  • Create arrangements between the researchers, our networks and ourselves based on mutualism

This process ensures that:

  • The rights to the knowledge remain with those that created it
  • The focus remains on improving the availability of environmentally compatible technology
  • Financial gain is a consequence of the arrangement, not the driver for it


As things progress we will start releasing posts to keep you updated. Please be aware that at all times we must be careful with what we say to protect the interests of the entity involved. So if we seem vague in a post its only because we don’t want to spoil the ending or because we like to be a little dramatic sometimes. Regardless, we ask for you patience, we will tell you more as soon as the legal eagles give us the green light


About Our Projects

Ecogreen projects are designed to be adapted and applied to other countries or cities; successful projects are not just demonstrations, they are complete packaged solutions. Solutions that we hope to entrust to others so we can focus on the next one.

Our Projects are templated on our values in our Philosophy of Better, structured around our Eco-Concepts and developed collaboratively as Eco-operative Systems.

Due to the early stage nature of some projects and with respect to confidentiality we are limited in what information we can provide until the project progresses. With such ambitious & large scale projects, progress takes time- we thank you for your patience & support in whatever form you can offer it.


Be Part of the Solution

Have some research that you believe can make a difference but need a hand to get started? Interested in joining the Quickstart Network? 

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