Introducing Fuzz Creative

Introducing Fuzz Creative

Sustainability Designed with Integrity

We admit, this is technically not new technology, but if you want to get technical this project is about helping transition to a greener economy and that is a banner that Fuzz Creative definitely falls under. Fuzz Creative is a design studio specialising in brand strategy, website design & sustainable packaging pushing to explore more sustainable materials and mediums within the design industry. In short Fuzz is trying to increase demand for lower impact packaging and materials by demonstrating that sustainable can also look awesome!


  • Brand Identity

  • Website Design

  • Packaging Design

There is another reason we have included Fuzz in the Green Economy, Fuzz’s founder (that’s a little fun to say) Georgia Williams was also the creator of this very website including the Ecogreen brand, logo and packaging. So we really wanted to take this opportunity to say…


We believe in what Georgia and the Fuzz Creative studio are working towards, growing a demand for sustainable materials is equally as important as developing them. After all, what is the point of more sustainable materials if no one is going to use them?

If your business is in the market for an environmental design overhaul… Fuzz Creative

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