Activating Biodegradable Plastic

Activating Biodegradable Plastic

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Ecogreen have been trying to find a lower impact plastic solution for our containers. What we thought would be a few days work chasing suppliers for samples ended up as a 6 month long process but we finally found something! With one small, tiny, barely worth mentioning catch… the product doesn’t exist in a commercial form and we need to turn on an entire industry in order for us to access it… pfft details!

Joking aside, we are working with the supplier to make this available in Australia, we have a plan but we need your help to make these benefits available for everyone.


  • Biodegrades 90% Faster Than Conventional Plastics

    Biodegrading under typical landfill environmental conditions much faster than traditional plastics which take hundreds of years to biodegrade

  • Recyclable & Landfill Biodegradable

    The goal is to recycle the plastic, being landfill biodegradable is a backup, it just means that IF the plastic ends up in the garbage it won’t be around as long as untreated plastic.

  • No Microplastics

    Biodegradation of plastic with this additive does NOT produce microplastics. Microplastic contamination is a major concern for our marine ecosystem & ocean carbon cycle.

  • No Additional Equipment

    The additive is mixed into the plastic in the molten stage and requires no additional equipment or machinery.

What Are Transitional Plastics?

Ideally we would love to switch over to some amazing new material that retains the versatility of plastic but without the environmental footprint of Godzilla on leg day. The reality is we aren’t quite there yet, especially when it comes to the thicker heavier duty plastic in bottles and containers. However with this new technology, we can greatly improve the environmental impact legacy of conventional plastics.

This is what we mean by “Transitional Plastics,” they are not final solutions, they are steps taken in the right. Small improvements that if adopted on a large scale can minimise our impact as we transition towards new generation materials.

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If this seems like excessive lengths for a business to get a plastic that reduces its footprint a little, then you’re probably right. Yes we would love to mix this additive in with our 100% PCR recycled material bottles but our true motivation is even simpler. We saw an opportunity to make a difference, realised we couldn’t do it alone and so we are putting our hand up.

This is exactly what our Philosophy of Better is about; seeking ways to be better today than we were yesterday.

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