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Ecogreen provides a unique range of commercially proven products which provide effective, economical and environmental solutions to a multitude of everyday hygiene issues.

It is in the area of sanitising requirements that you will see the Ecogreen range of products really stand out with sanitisers designed for all purposes, small and large.

Our range includes products for personal use, surface control, atmospheric control and washroom hygiene. Several of our products are patented, including the very popular Long Lasting Sanitiser. Developed with the goal of achieving a long lasting effect on hard surfaces such as telephones and computer keyboards the results surprised even us with up to 98% bacterial reduction being achieved after 28 days exposure. This is now one of our best selling products and is commonly used in commercial, public and industrial areas where hygiene control is of importance. The product is also approved for use in food premises making it very versatile. It is used daily in thousands of locations across Australia and New Zealand.

A sanitiser cannot be described as environmentally friendly as by its very nature it will change the environment to which it is exposed, however, there are other benefits that can be built into the product. For example our very popular Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser provides a number of benefits:

  • No alcohol so it will not dry or irritate your skin.
  • It is non-flammable, therefore parents don’t have to send their children to school with flammable bottles in their backpacks.
  • We have added a moisturiser for comfort.
  • Dispensed as either a liquid or a light pleasant foam the product is packaged in a variety of stylish and convenient options to suit all users.
  • It is commonly used in many workplaces across Australia through foam dispensing units.

Our Cleanair product, available in either Gel or Aerosol completes the picture killing airborne bacteria, mould and yeast. Our aerosol version is also a patented product and is only available through ETG or one of our distribution partners.

Please take your time to look through the whole range there will be a product to suit your needs, available in a variety of packaging options and all competitively priced.

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