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At ETG we have our own team of scientists located in our R&D laboratory in Melbourne Australia and our manufacturing plant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With a diverse range of skills from Microbiology to Chemical Engineering we have the capacity to research and develop our own product range to meet the needs of our customer base. The fact that we research, design and manufacture all the products in our range enables us to not only extensively control the quality of our products, but also enables us to provide comprehensive information on specific issues faced by our customers.

In fact, all the products in our range were specifically developed to meet the specific needs of our customers and assist them in providing their businesses with the right solutions for their customers. Providing unique solutions has also meant that we now have several patented products in our range that can only be accessed through ETG and their customer partners. When developing new products to take to market there are a number of important elements that we focus on:

Environmental Benefit
It is the primary goal of ETG to provide products that reduce the impact of business on our environment. Whether it be a cleaning product for the domestic user or a large scale waste remediation solution ETG always looks at the environmental impact and how we can improve on current practices using our select range of biological and environmentally friendly ingredients

The products must work, that is a non-negotiable. The products must do what they are designed to do and more often than not must outperform the chemical or mechanical options currently used.

Health & Safety
The health and safety of our customers and product users is of particular importance to us. Our goal is to provide our users with not only a product that works but allows them to care for their workforce and customers through the use of non-toxic and non-caustic products that do not prepare a danger to their staff.

ETG are accredited to both the ISO 9001 and 14001, Quality and Environmental Management Standards and have developed processes to ensure the highest level of quality control through our design, manufacture and delivery of products to our customers.

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