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Ecogreen Power Plus Heavy Duty Toilet & Urinal Treatment is an instant, deep cleanse solution for toilet and urinal systems.  It is specifically designed to provide a heavy duty clean and is not for regular use.

This product removes built-up waste such as lime scale deposits and hard to remove stains from in and around the toilet or urinal system thereby cleaning the area, removing and working deep into the system to prevent expensive plumbing blockages.

It is a biodegradable, organic acid formulation, is less corrosive and toxic than many industrially used acids and emits far fewer toxic fumes than fluorides, nitric and hydrochloric acids. Ecogreen Heavy Duty Toilet and Urinal Treatment is temperature stable and is not an oxidant unlike sulphuric and phosphoric acids.

ecogreen power plus heavy duty toilet and urinal cleaner

Product Benefits:

  • Instant heavy duty cleanse
  • Kills germs
  • Removes waste and lime scale build-up
  • Removes stains and odours
  • Prevents blockages

Environmental Benefits:

  • Virtually free of heavy metals & sulfates
  • Temperature stable
  • Biodegradable
How does Ecogreen Power Plus work?

Ecogreen Power Plus Heavy Duty Toilet & Urinal Treatment is an organic acid formulation and a particularly high capacity solvent for numerous mineral metal components which cause lime scale build-up in and around the toilet or urinal.

At a pH of 1, Ecogreen Power Plus Heavy Duty Toilet & Urinal Treatment reacts with the metal component within the lime scale deposits in toilets and breaks down the structure of these deposits producing water soluble salts which can easily be flushed down the toilet leaving it lime scale and bacteria free.

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