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Ecogreen Long Lasting Surface Sanitiser is a simple spray and leave application that reduces the spread of germs on surfaces.  With its innovative, proven and tested formulation, once applied to any hard surface, forms a protective layer therefore killing potential germs like E. Coli Staph. aureus for up to 30 days before the surface requires re-treating.

Ecogreen Long Lasting Surface Sanitiser can be confidently used on all surfaces such as office equipment, children's play areas, food preparation areas, washrooms, shopping centres, hotels, aged care facilities and more more.

ecogreen long lasting surface sanitiser

Product Benefits:

  • Spray and leave
  • Kill rate of 99% against E.col & Staph. aureus
  • Helps reduce spreads of colds & flu
  • Works for up to 30 days
  • Product patented in Australia
  • Independently tested & proven

Environmental Benefits:

  • Safe to use
  • No harsh chemicals or acids
  • Non-toxic & non-caustic
  • Environmentally friendly
How does Ecogreen Long Lasting Surface Sanitiser work?

When a surface is treated with Ecogreen Alcohol Long Lasting Surface Sanitiser, the active ingredients within the product create a protective coating on the surface that continues to kill harmful bacteria on contact for up to 30 days.  After this time the surface should be treated again to ensure the effectiveness of the product is not diminished.

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