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Ecogreen provides a unique range of commercially proven products which provide effective, economical and environmental solutions to a multitude of everyday hygiene issues.


Ecogreen Carpet & Furnishings Odour Control is a unique formula designed to eliminate organic waste residue from carpets, fabrics and upholstery, thereby removing any odour.

Based on our exclusive Bio-Technology, this product contains select beneficial bacteria which are proficient in breaking down organic waste.  This product is effective on even the most pungent odours including:

  • Urine and faeces
  • Vomit
  • Sweat
  • Pet Odours
  • Food & Drink
  • Cigarettes

Once sprayed it begins to work immediately and contains a pleasant lemon fragrance.

ecogreen carpet odour control

Product Benefits:

  • Spray & leave
  • No rinsing or scrubbing
  • Unique formula to eliminate odours from carpets and other fabric
  • Works deep into the carpet and fabric
  • Not a masking agent

Environmental Benefits:

  • Safe to use
  • No harsh chemicals or acids
  • Non-toxic & non-caustic
  • No damage to the environment
How does Ecogreen Carpet Odour Control work?

Unpleasant odours on carpets, soft furnishings and other fabrics develop when there is an imbalance between the number of odour causing particles and the quantity and type of bacteria which work to naturally digest the waste.

Ecogreen Carpet & Furnishings Odour Control is not a masking agent or deodoriser. It is a pro-biotic beneficial bacteria product which, based on our exclusive technology, targets the source of the problem. These bacteria produce enzymes which seize upon the waste, breaking it down into less complex compounds.

The beneficial bacteria then feed upon these smaller waste compounds and the residue they produce, digesting them until they are depleted and the odour is removed.

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