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Ecogreen Bin Odour Control eliminates all odours associated with organic waste from rubbish bins. Applying Ecogreen Bin Odour Control on a regular basis will assist in keeping bins hygienic, odourless and insect free.  It loves to target those hard to remove odours that tend to linger and is specially formulated to attack offensive odours.

This probiotic bacterial product is not a masking agent, it contains select strains of beneficial bacteria proficient in breaking down organic waste, thereby removing odours. It contains a pleasant lemon fragrance and once sprayed begins to work immediately.

ecogreen bin odour control

Product Benefits:

  • Spray & leave
  • No rinsing or scrubbing
  • Leave bin odour free
  • Contains beneficial bacgteria to break down waste
  • Suitable for all organic and indoor waste
  • Deters insects

Environmental Benefits:

  • Safe to use
  • No harsh chemicals or acids
  • Non-toxic & non-caustic
  • No damage to the environment
How does Ecogreen Bin Odour Control work?

Unpleasant odours in and around bins develop when there is an abundance of waste and an imbalance between beneficial and pathogenic strains of bacteria. Use with confidence for wheelie bins, recyclable waste bins and other indoor and garden waste containers.

Ecogreen Bin Odour Control is not a mere masking agent or deodoriser; it is a probiotic beneficial bacterial product which, based on our exclusive bio-technology, targets the source of the problem.  These beneficial bacteria produce enzymes which seize upon the waste, breaking it down into less complex compounds. These beneficial bacteria then feed upon these smaller compounds and the residue they produce, digesting them until they are depleted and the odour is removed.

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