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The ETG products have been developed over a number of years to meet the specific needs of our customer base. This includes products designed to meet a number of unique applications solving issues that were previously an ongoing problem. Some examples of these solutions include:

Ecogreen Cleanair Gel
The Cleanair Gel was developed over a number of years to control the airborne bacteria and mould in a variety of locations such as washrooms, hotel rooms and waiting rooms. Upon request from a five star hotel in Asia trying to solve the issue of a “musky” smell in a room that had not been used for several days the team at ETG set about finding an appropriate solution. The result was the Cleanair Gel which is now used in 8 countries across the Asia Pacific region for this very purpose. When used in a fan forced dispenser the gel evaporates and the blend of essential oils in the product spread around the room and kill airborne bacteria on contact as well as mould and yeast.

Long Lasting Sanitiser
When approached by a customer in 2009 if we had a product that could be applied to a computer keyboard or telephone handset that could provide protection against bacteria for the two weeks between services, our team once again set about finding a solution. The product had to be economical and simple to use. The result was our Long Lasting Sanitiser which not only met their expectations but surpassed them with the initial testing showing the product remained effective for up to 4 weeks after application. Both economical and simple to use the product is now used extensively throughout both Australia and New Zealand and is among our very best selling products.

There are many more products that can be written about and when looking through the product range you will see other examples of the unique benefits our products have to offer. Add to that the cost effectiveness, simplicity to use and OH&S benefits offered you will see why they have become so popular.

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