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Most of the products offered in the current range came about to meet the specific needs of one of our customers. There are many examples of products developed to meet these specific solutions.

  • Long Lasting Sanitiser – Developed specifically to meet the needs of the IT Hygiene Service business. This products is for the treatment of hard surfaces and providing them with the ability to resist bacterial growth for up to 30 days. Its use has now extended well beyond this market and is used wherever there is a need to provide long lasting anti-bacterial protection.
  • Cleanair Gel – Developed specifically to control mould in hotels throughout Asia where mould and musky smells were a problem when the room was not used for a few days. Once again this product is used extensively in many applications where there is a desire to control mould, bad odours or to eliminate airborne bacteria providing much healthier air quality.
  • Bio Sanitiser – Developed for the Hygiene Service Industry to replace the use of toxic and caustic chemicals in the treatment of commercial and public toilets. The active bacterial ingredients degrade the waste and control the odour keeping the plumbing free of blockages, free from harmful bacteria and the washroom with no unpleasant odours for the users. The product is safe to handle for both the service technician and the customer. The Bio Sanitiser is now used extensively across Asia in thousands of commercial and public washrooms every day.


These are just a few examples of the development work completed by ETG, there are many more and we are committed to continue working closely with our customers to meet their goals.

All of this work is done whilst meeting our environmental goals and a cost competitive outcome for the customer.

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