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Make your new kitten the cleanest on the block!

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While we are all getting used to the fact that it is 2017, many people are also getting used to additional furry family members. 

According to the RSPCA, over 62% of Australian households pet of some sort, with over 24 million pets across the nation. This figure represents a lot of love and laughter alongside lots of muddy paws and smelly litter boxes. So while the kids might be trying to get little Chester to do tricks, the parents are thinking about the more practical aspect of owning a kitten, like ensure the house doesn’t acquire a bit of stench.

Even the cutest fluffball tends to start smelling at some point if proactive action is not taken. While it might seem impossible that your latest furry addition will ever annoy or displease you, sometimes accidents do happen. Chester probably has a little while to go before he is fully litter or toilet trained and sometimes cannot always control his bladder.

This is where Eco Green steps in.

Our eco-friendly odour control products are the logical step for handling any messy pet. We are dedicated to providing households access to eco-friendly products which do not harm pets and children. Our pet odour control spray works by affecting the source of the problem.

Simply spray the deodorising product to the affected area after wiping away the majority of the mess. The spray then naturally and effectively breaks down organic waste removing the source of the problem. Because our impact on the environment is a priority, all our formulas are gentle, non-toxic and totally safe for both owners and furry companions.

We also know how hectic it can be to manage a household with kids, cats and life, we made sure our product was as easy as possible to use. Simply spray on either the litter trays or the site of the accident directly. Using only natural bacteria, our product can be used on a range of fabrics, from carpets to lounges and even clothing, everywhere your pet might go.

So if you want little Chester to be the cleanest cat on the block, don’t hesitate to give us a call today to discuss our eco-friendly cleaning products.

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