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Cleaning Products: Handle with Care!

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In today’s information society, so many people are aware of the dangers that chemicals pose. We pick our food by what was sprayed on them during growth and we choose our drinks back on what chemicals and sugar they contain. However, there is one area that many people simply ignore or think that they can do nothing about – Cleaning products. 

While we may not invite chemicals into our bodies or that of our children through what we eat, the truth is that chemical cleaners can pose just as much harm to our families and the environment.

With over 60 different chemicals on average in a household’s arsenal of cleaning products, the side effects can range from minor irritation, through to significant concerns about hormone imbalances, behaviour issues and even cancer!

The rise of the information age means many people are aware of these concerns and making positive steps to their lifestyle, becoming healthier and happier while being aware of their impact on the world around them. There are amazing people out there who make the same traditional home remedies their grandparents did, using the natural properties of vinegar and baking soda. However, most people simply do not have the time or knowledge to make cleaning products from scratch!

This is where Ecogreen’s green cleaning products come in.

At Ecogreen we are extremely conscious of our impact on both the human body and the fragile natural environment. To make switching to biodegradable and natural alternatives as easy as possible, we have developed a range of eco-friendly products. Not only do most of our cleaners use mild solutions, but our products are also developed out of naturally occurring ‘good’ bacteria. All the bacteria thrives solely on the organic matter at the source of the problem, so when this is removed the bacteria also die off, leaving only a clean surface and no residual harsh chemicals.

At Ecogreen, we are also people responsible for small lives, conscious of how our decisions will affect their future. With so many questions surrounding the rise of asthma, skin reactions and other immune concerns, we are determined to provide parents with an alternative.

If you are concerned about your family and seeking an alternative cleaning solution, browse our range of cleaning products on our website. There is something for every mess and price range.

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