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Expansion into Japan

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After three and a half years of extensive laboratory and field testing Environmental Technologies Group have launched their Ecogreen Bio Sanitiser into the Japanese market.

Working in partnership with Nippon Calmic, Japans leading and premier washroom Hygiene Company, the Bio Sanitiser has undergone a series of tests comparing the efficacy of the product with the chemical alternatives. Not only has the Bio Sanitiser proven to be a more effective solution than the chemicals but has done so whilst providing a range of environmental, health & safety and economic benefits.

As the dispensers used in the Japanese market vary from those used in other countries a purpose designed 85 ml bottle was moulded and manufactured to deliver the Bio Sanitiser through the existing dispensers. This means there was no changeover cost requirement by the customer and made the changeover process away from toxic and caustic chemicals a simple one.

Launched in the Tokyo and Osaka markets early this year the product will be rolled out right across the country providing ongoing benefits to the thousands of customers serviced through Nippon Calmic.

The environmental benefits are significant as this will now prevent thousands of litres of harmful chemicals being dispersed into the local waterways. The Health & Safety benefits are also significant as the product is non-hazardous and can be safely handled by the service staff and poses no risk on site to any of the many customers.

This is the first of the Ecogreen products to be launched into the Japanese market and over the coming months and years we hope to see many more of the Ecogreen products used providing ongoing environmental benefits.

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