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Ecogreen provides a unique range of commercially proven products which provide effective, economical and environmental solutions to a multitude of everyday hygiene issues.

The Ecogreen range of cleaning products utilize the benefits of beneficial micro-organisms, plant extracts and essential oils along with other environmentally friendly ingredients to provide new levels in cleanliness and safety.

Each of the products in the range is environmentally friendly and safe to use, the SDS for the products will show that they are non-toxic and non-caustic with no harm being caused to the environment.

A number of the products have unique properties such as long lasting effect, the bathroom and Tile Cleaner for example will continue to work in the waste pipes to prevent blockages, build-up and bad odours. The Multi-Purpose Cleaner has been independently tested against the number one selling product in Australia and shown to be up to 50% more effective when cleaning a greasy hard surface.

Each product has been tested to ensure that first and foremost they work and will do what they need to. Combine that with the environmental benefits, the reduced OH&S impact and the competitive costing they are a sensible alternative to the harsh chemicals commonly used.

The importance of the health and safety benefits cannot be undersold with exposure to harsh chemicals now understood as detrimental to ongoing personal health. Impact on skin and eye irritations are minimalized as is exposure to lungs and airways.

Whether your cleaning job is a large industrial requirement or a small domestic one you can be confident that the Ecogreen product recommended will work.

For specific enquiries please do not hesitate to call us on the email or phone number provided, one of our friendly Customer Care Staff will be only too happy to assist.

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