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What is the difference between Biodegradable and Readily Biodegradable?

When a product is described as Biodegradable it means that over time the product will break down into the environment. Readily Biodegradable means that the product will break down in less than 30 days, meaning that a Readily Biodegradable product is a better option for the environment.

How long will the biological products last in the containers?
Are the products safe to use around my children and pets?
Why is bacteria ideally suited for waste treatment and aquatic restoration?
Exactly how do bacteria degrade waste?
What happens to the bacteria when the job is done?
Are the bacteria genetically engineered?
Are the bacteria non-pathogenic (are not a cause of disease) to humans, animals and plants?
Are the products safe for fish?
If these bacteria are already present in nature, why do they have to be added to a natural system?
If the bacteria reproduce in the field, why isn’t one dose sufficient?
What kind of pollutants does the bacteria target?
How do bacteria products clarify the water?
How is odour controlled?
Where can the products be used?
Do these bacteria products require registration?
Are microbial products compatible with algaecides, antibiotics or pesticides?
Is mechanical aeration necessary for a large water body?
How do microbial products compare economically?

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