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Ecogreen are proud of our natural product range. We harness the power of beneficial bacteria, plant extracts and natural anti-bacterial agents to expedite the natural cycles of sanitisation, odour control and waste water remediation.

Ecogreen’s cleaning supplies are non-caustic and non-toxic which means they are free from the harsh chemicals used in chemical cleaning products. Our range of natural products can create immediate hygienic and safe environments, without the side effects that synthetic chemicals can bring. Using natural, environmentally friendly products is important as it directly benefits the sustainability of our environment and they are not harmful to our health.

Majority of cleaning agents available are not natural - they use many synthetic chemicals that are not safe for people or the environment. The danger of chemical cleaners has been known for a long time and it is with sound reasoning that you are advised to wear gloves, avoid contact with your skin and not to breathe in any fumes. It is dangerous not only at the point of cleaning, but afterwards when people begin using the area and are subsequently exposed to those chemicals.

Ecogreen create natural products in three different, eco-friendly ways using advanced bio-technology. Bacteria-based cleaning products are created by identifying the most effective strains of bacteria for specific cleaning tasks. Not only is this process more effective than using harsh chemicals, it is safe, doesn’t harm the environment and the results are scientifically proven to be longer lasting. Other methods to create green products include using plant extracts and natural anti-bacterial products that destroy the cells of contaminants.

As an active member of the Environmental Technologies Group, and as a socially responsible corporate citizen, Ecogreen minimises our impact on the environment. By managing processes, materials and resources, Ecogreen reduces our environmental impact, which has earned us the quality accreditation ISO 9001 and environmental accreditation ISO 14001. Maintaining a natural equilibrium in the environment is crucial for the health of our local flora and fauna as well as contributing to the overall health of the planet.

Our natural products outperform synthetic chemical products whilst providing a safe, clean and healthy environment. All Ecogreen cleaning products are researched and tested in Melbourne, Australia ensuring they are held to the highest Australian standards.

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