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With our own laboratory and Research & Development team based in our Melbourne Head Office facility, we are committed to the ongoing development of our unique Ecogreen product range.

Based on our exclusive Bio-Technology, our products harness the power of beneficial bacteria, plant extracts and natural anti-bacterial agents to expedite the natural cycles of sanitisation, odour control and waste water remediation. The result is a long-lasting, exceptionally hygienic and safe environment.



Free of harsh chemicals and acids, our products are non-toxic and non-caustic, making them a totally safe solution in any environment. Developing products that provide positive environmental outcomes is the key driver behind our product development and will always be the major focus of the business. Our range of biological products uses naturally beneficial bacterial strains to accelerate a natural process. We do this by dosing highly concentrated quantities of bacteria to speed up the remediation cycle. The process is safe and provides a quality solution with an environmentally beneficial outcome. Environmental Technologies Group has attained accreditation to the International Environmental Management Standard ISO 14000.


Our products have proven successful in the commercial market for many years. The fact that we research, develop and manufacture all products in our range enables us to not only extensively control the quality of our products, but also enable us to provide comprehensive information on specific issues faced by our customers. Consistently providing a high quality product is important to us and for that reason we are proud to be ISO 9001 accredited. From production, to packaging, to delivery, we have quality control measures in place to ensure that the products we provide are always of the highest standard. This ensures that in every situation, we provide the perfect solution.



Environmental Technologies Group Pty Ltd is a privately owned company which commenced operations in Western Australia in May 1999 and focused on the research, development and manufacturing of engineered solutions for the remediation of environmental pollution and contamination. In the early years ETG offered its customers a mix of service and supply solutions whilst it continued to develop the product range and identify clearly the markets that could benefit from the product range. In 2007 ETG made the move to Melbourne so that we could be closer to our growing customer base and in early 2008 realised that our future lay with the development, manufacture and distribution of environmentally friendly products.

During this development period a lot of research was undertaken on the use of beneficial bacterial strains by ETG and we spent several years in China and Malaysia developing and refining our products. The business has continued to grow and with our unique ability to package our products to meet the needs of the customer, the ETG product range can now be seen in use throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Fiji, Vietnam and a number of other Asian countries. To meet our continued growth, ETG has invested in a new manufacturing facility in Malaysia adding to our capacity as we continue with our existing site in Melbourne. Our new facility in Kuala Lumpur allows us to supply products to our customers in a cost competitive manner.

ETG is continuing to invest in new equipment and facilities to improve not only our production capacity but also our research capabilities. Our commitment is to develop and manufacture environmentally beneficial solutions for everyday problems. With our environmental focus and an exclusive biotechnical product range, we have attracted a number of diverse shareholders, including Local Government Superannuation Trust Funds.

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